DISCLAMER: This website has nothing to do with VMola Ransomware

Note to the lamers who created the ransomware: Not cool dudes!

Encryption/Decryption functionality

The files are encrypted twice with different cipher methods. All your data is encrypted along with the file - nothing is stored on the server. We use a unique encryption system. The files encrypted here can be decrypted only here. Don't forget your password. Otherwise all the ciphered data will be lost.

Email for decryption notification

"Email for decryption notification" is an optional feature that gives you the possibility to receive notifications about the decryption attempts of your files. If you choose to use this feature, your email will be encrypted along with the file - nothing will be stored on the server.

Encrypt Your Files
Select file to encrypt(up to 15 MB)

Type secure encryption password

Confirm secure encryption password

Select primary cipher method

E-mail for decryption notification(optional)

Change filename
Hide file's extension
Lock this file for your IP address
Number of attempts to decrypt the file with wrong password
*None of your information is stored on the server

Decrypt Your Files
Select file to decrypt

Decryption password