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Note to the lamers who created the ransomware: Not cool dudes!


Due the recent changes in Google’s Terms Of Service & Privacy Policy, Google practically can do anything they want with the information we upload to their servers.
Scary, isn't it?
Big Brother on a worldwide scale.
So, we want to use our 15GB of cloud storage, but we don't want to share our information with Google. What can we do about it? Just keep reading.

What can we do to protect your privacy?

We offer you our encryption services in order to protect your sensitive data from the Big Brother.

How it works?

First of all an encrypted folder will be created in your Google Drive storage. All the files and folder that you create or upload will go in that explicit folder. We won't mess with your other files or folders. The files created or uploaded to Google Drive from here will be encrypted using "PGP like" system, combining synchronous 256 bit AES and asynchronous RSA encryptions with 4096 bit encryption key pair. For the encryption we use your 4096 bit public key generated during registration. The encoded data can be decrypted only with your 4096 bit RSA private key, that is encoded with your login password. No one can access it but you.

Encrypted google drive
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